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Online Backup Service Memopal Announces a Free 3GB Plan

I have of course written about Online Backup Sources a few weeks ago, but just found another service that is now offering a free 3GB plan.


Memopal is an online backup provider that also allows you access to your files on other devices. Memopal also allows you to share files with others if you are so inclined.  Here is a blurb and some screenshots offered by Memepal.

As well as supporting Windows, Mac and Linux, the files archived on Memopal can also be accessed from an iPhone using a free application and from any mobile device with a browser.



In addition to the free plan, they are also adding an additional 50GB to paid plans which start at $49 per year.  And if you already have an online data backup provider, then you may be interested in Memopal’s 30% discount for switching.


Note: I am not affiliated with Momopal in any way.

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19 Online Backup Tools for Protecting Your Data

Use this list to take your music, photos, videos, documents, and any other data online for backup protection. These services can save your bacon and have some cool features beyond just backup.   Make sure all your important files are backed up!



  • Supports PC and Mac
  • Free for up to 2 GB of storage – $4.99 a month for unlimited storage



  • Supports Pc and Mac
  • Prices start $54.95 for a one year subscription – unlimited storage

Jungle Disk


  • Supports PC, Mac and Linux
  • Software is $2 a month.  Uses Amazon S3 storage or Rackspace Cloud Storage – approx. 15 cents a GB per month – unlimited storage – no minimum



  • Supports PC and Linux
  • Software is free – uses Amazon S3 storage – approx. 15 cents a GB a month – unlimited storage – no minimum

Norton Online Backup


  • PC only
  • $49.99 for 25 GB of storage



  • Supports PC and Mac
  • Prices start at $4.95 a month for 150 GB of storage



  • Windows only
  • 2 GB account is free – $4.95/month for unlimited storage

My Other Drive


  • PC and Mac
  • 2 GB account is free – prices for 100GB of storage start at $4.99/month – max plan caps at 10 TB of storage



  • PC, Mac, Linux and Solaris
  • Plans start at $4.95/month



  • Windows and Mac
  • Unlimited backups start at $50/year



  • Windows, Mac and iPhone support
  • Prices start at $50/year for 150 GB of storage

SmugVault from SmugMug


  • Web based service
  • Prices start at $39.95/year for unlimited storage



  • Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone support
  • 1 GB of storage is free, 10 GB and up start at $2.99/month



  • PC, Mac and iPhone support
  • 2 GB account is free, other pricing models start at $9.99/month for 50 GB of storage

Microsoft SkyDrive


  • Web based service
  • Free for up to 25 GB of storage

Online Photo Backup Resources

Use these sites if you have a huge photo collection and want to keep a backup online.



  • Web based service
  • Prices start at $49/year for unlimited storage
  • Online commerce, use your own Domain Name, and lots of sharing options to name a few.



  • Web  based service
  • Prices start at $39.95/year for unlimited storage
  • Choose themes for an online gallery and sell photos through an online store
  • Also comes with SmugVault – backup any file – unlimited storage.  Basically an interface to Amazon’s S3 cloud storage.



  • Web based service
  • Free account with 10MB of uploads a month – Pro account for $24 a year – unlimited photos up to 20 MB each



  • We based service with Windows, Mac, and Linux uploaders are available
  • Free, but current max is 1 GB of storage

Got more – give a shout out to your favorite in the comments.

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Picamatic – Photo Sharing As Simple As Possible

Easily Share Photos With Anyone

Do you have a photo or two or you want to share with a friend or family member? The simplest way I’ve found so far is to use Picmatic. Picamatic doesn’t require you to login or register an account to add or access photos.


Picmatic is a web based interface that allows you to upload a picture in one click. Simply pick a square on the Picamatic web page and choose the file to upload. Keep uploading until you’re done.

Once you have uploaded a file, you’ll see a clickable “Links” item. This will reveal the various links you can use to share the photo. Links for Forums, Blogs, Chats, and the direct URL (your file size is below 300Kb) to the photo are visible.



Picamatic also lets you send the URL of your Picamatic photos to yourself in email. Click the “Save these images” link and enter your email address. Check your spam folders if you can’t find the email. It’s a good idea to add picamatic.com to your spam filter to ensure delivery. The next time you want to access the files you can access them anytime by click on the link in your email. You can also bookmark the link for easy access to the files anytime.


Picamatic says there are no size limits or limits to the number of photos you can upload. So far, Picamatic has not indicated any intent to delete your files after a certain period of time. So you could potentially store files for as long as you want.

Head over to Picamatic and try it out for yourself.

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Seamlessly Synch Files Between Computers

Get Your Files On Multiple PCs and/or Mac’s

For some time now I have stopped carrying around a USB thumb drive or portable hard drive.  I used to use them to transfer files between my computers.  I started using a couple of free services to sync my files between multiple PCs and/or my Mac.


Dropbox provides both Mac and PC clients for use with their Dropbox service.  Once you setup and account, you can download and install the client and begin transferring files to your Dropbox.

The Dropbox client places a small icon in your system tray (for Windows) and the Notification Area (on the Mac) and also creates a new folder with the Dropbox icon.  You can browse the folder like any other and drag and drop, cut/paste files in and out.  Once files are placed in the Dropbox folder, they begin synchronizing/transferring to the Dropbox website.  Once the upload has completed any other clients that you have installed Drobox on will also have their Dropboxes updated.  In a matter of a few minutes all your computes will have synchonized.

Access Anywhere

Dropbox allows you to get to your files from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Simply log in to your account at getdropbox.com to view and download your files.

Dropbox browser view

Dropbox allows you up to 2GB of storage for free with more storage available at a small cost.

Live Mesh

Microsoft’s Live Mesh works similarly to Dropbox.  Sign up for an account with your Microsoft Live ID (if you don’t have one, you can get one for free at live.com) and you can begin using the service.

Once signed in to Live Mesh, you can download the client to multiple computers.  You can then create and choose a folder to use with the synchronization.  The folder will turn a blue color when you are signed into Live Mesh and will look like a normal folder when not signed in.

Live Mesh browser view

Drag and drop files into the folder to have them synchronized.  You can access you files from any Internet connection by logging in to www.mesh.com.

Currently Live Mesh allows for 5GB of storage for free.

Final Thoughts

Both services are free and easy to use, offer access via the web and folders on  your computer, but I believe that Dropbox has the upper hand in the simplicity department.

System Tray Icons

Live Mesh will have a greater integration with home.live.com and therefore may offer more services in the near future.  Including 25GB of free storage and creating and sharing photo albums from your shared documents folder.

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