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Windows Cannot Search For New Updates Problem

Code 8024402C

The frustrating error Code 8024402C is popping up on many Windows 7 installations. If your “Try Again” button simply results in the same error message repeating itself, try the following.

Instead of click the “Try Again” button, click the link at the bottom to “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update”.

Windows Update Error message link to check Microsoft Updates

This usually results in a few seconds of “green bar” and then a window that shows you that updates have been found.  From here you can install updates as normal.

Windows Update Found Updates to install

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Windows 7′s ‘GodMode’

Apparently, if you really want to, you can enter a “GodMode” in Windows7 which will allow you to all the system controls by opening one folder.

The article goes on to say:

The trick is also said to work in Windows Vista, although some are warning that although it works fine in 32-bit versions of Vista, it can cause 64-bit versions of that operating system to crash.

Check out the full story on CNET’s site @

Understanding Windows 7’s ‘GodMode’ | Beyond Binary – CNET News.

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Microsoft Plans to Give Away Anti-Virus Software

Free Core Protection Software to be Offered by Microsoft

Microsoft has recently announced their plans to release free software to protect against viruses, spyware, and malware.


The word from Microsoft’s press site:

Code-named “Morro,” this streamlined solution will be available in the second half of 2009 and will provide comprehensive protection from malware including viruses, spyware, rootkits and trojans. This new solution, to be offered at no charge to consumers, will be architected for a smaller footprint that will use fewer computing resources, making it ideal for low-bandwidth scenarios or less powerful PCs.

Microsoft has also stated that they will stop charging for their Microsoft Live OneCare Solution in favor of the free “Morro” solution. Beginning June 30, 2009 you will no longer be required to update your subscription to OneCare. You can read more about OneCare on the OneCare blog.

The “Morro” solution will be a downloadable package and will not be bundled with a new PC or OS purchase.

Will this mean doom for other anti-virus software vendors?

Probably not – Most vendors have both a business version of their anti-virus software and a home user version. Companies like Symantec and McAfee can continue to offer their products to enterprise clients. In fact, Microsoft will continue to charge for their business version of anti-virus software.

These vendors typically bundle additional “non” anti-virus services with their products that consumers feel is a value add. “Morro” will provide only core protection and won’t include some of these additional features.

Really Free?

Free anti-virus software is nothing new. The current home user can download free anti-virus programs from AVG, Avast, Avira, Trend Micro and others. Most free anti-virus programs will try to up-sell you additional products or have some functions disabled. “Morro” is free, and from all reports Microsoft won’t try to up-sell you products that can provide additional protection.

I like the fact that Microsoft is offering the software for free. It allows users who wouldn’t ordinarily be protected from malware and viruses to have at least a small level of protection. I think the average user will feel more comfortable opting-in to a service that is provided by Microsoft rather than some other third party.

Consumers will ultimately decide whether or not “Morro” will be of value. Will it detect malware or spyware as efficiently as other products on the market? Or will users simply continue to use their McAfee, Symantec, etc… subscriptions?

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Download Hundreds of Free Microsoft Office Templates

Manage your money, create seasonal memos, organize your schedule, and more with free Microsoft Office templates.

Microsoft has a number of free templates that you can download to help you with all sorts of things. Visit Microsoft’s Template site to start your search. Read the full story

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