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What is DNS?

If you are like most, you have definitely seen the Microsoft IE error page stating that “the page your looking for cannot be found”, or perhaps you are using Firefox and you get the “Problem Loading Page — Server Not Found – Try Again” error page. Let’s consider why this is happening and yes; a lot of it has to do with DNS (Domain Name Service).

To understand DNS you will need to know that every website has a number. No, I don’t mean numbers like 1, 23, 98, etc… Websites aren’t ordered in the number that they appear. The numbers I am referring too are called IP addresses, and they are kind of like phone numbers. Every web site has a number where it can be reached. You may not know what the numbers are and frankly, most people don’t even care. But if DNS settings are incorrect, you and everybody else trying to get to a site will see those nasty error messages mentioned previously.
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