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Killer Free Service That You’re Probably Not Using

Update: July 2008 –  OpenDNS is not vulnerable to a DNS cache poisoning attack that was recently discovered.  OpenDNS has written about the multi-vendor vulnerability on the OpenDNS blog. Please read on for the original post about OpenDNS.

We all want to be safe when we surf the web. The problem is that there are lots of malicious, unscrupulous web sites that we can potentially stumble upon. The more tools we install on our computers to protect us, the slower they potentially become. Instead of installing additional SW on your computer, you may think about using the free service available from OpenDNS.
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Purchasing Domains without Hosting

Congratulations, you have purchased a domain. But there is a difference between purchasing a domain name and purchasing a domain name with hosting attached to it.

Just purchasing a domain name is simple. The domain you purchase can be used for private or commercial use and nobody else can claim that domain name until it is allowed to expire or you decide to sell it. But, now that you have that domain, what can you do with it? Well, without a hosting plan, about the only thing you can do is hold-on to it in the hopes of selling it for a profit. But your probably want to put up a web site so customers, friends, or family can visit your site and admire your content.
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What is a Nameserver?

In a previous post, I discussed DNS and what it does. It was a brief overview of the DNS concept and how an improperly configured DNS entry or a malfunctioning DNS server can affect us. Now that we have some background, did you know that you could find the master DNS server or servers for any domain? That is, you can find the one or two DNS database servers out on the Internet that tells all of the other DNS servers what the IP address for the domain is?

Okay, maybe you are confused, if so please see my earlier post for more background, but I will try to break it down a bit. We know that DNS gives us an IP address for a domain name. Example: www.google.com is at IP address We also know that our computers look to a DNS database server to get that info. And our ISPs are telling our computers what DNS database servers to use for IP address lookups. Okay, now that we have done some review, we can look at how to find the DNS server for any domain.
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What is DNS?

If you are like most, you have definitely seen the Microsoft IE error page stating that “the page your looking for cannot be found”, or perhaps you are using Firefox and you get the “Problem Loading Page — Server Not Found – Try Again” error page. Let’s consider why this is happening and yes; a lot of it has to do with DNS (Domain Name Service).

To understand DNS you will need to know that every website has a number. No, I don’t mean numbers like 1, 23, 98, etc… Websites aren’t ordered in the number that they appear. The numbers I am referring too are called IP addresses, and they are kind of like phone numbers. Every web site has a number where it can be reached. You may not know what the numbers are and frankly, most people don’t even care. But if DNS settings are incorrect, you and everybody else trying to get to a site will see those nasty error messages mentioned previously.
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