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Beware of Fake Apple Invoices

It appears that fake Apple invoices are turning up in your inbox.

The invoices appear to be legitimate Apple “receipts” that iTunes users are familiar with seeing after purchasing music or apps. Most of us would be shocked by the price that appears to have been charged on our credit card. We will immediately want to click the link to view or report a problem – don’t. The links take you to fake IRS pages and ask you to download browsers (malware).

fake apple invoice

Fake Apple Invoice

Take a close look at the invoice and notice the mistakes and/or odd words/actions. A legitimate invoice will have your name/email and address listed, and should have the last 4 digits of your credit card in the upper right of the invoice.

Don’t click any links. Delete the message, or if you prefer, call Apple or your Credit Card company.

Source: Fake Apple invoices lead to Blackhole exploit kit that drains your bank account | Naked Security.

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How to control a Mac from a Windows PC

Are you looking for a way to login and control your Mac from your Windows PC? Well Mac OS X has the ability to allow you see your Mac’s desktop on your PC. Follow these simple steps to enable VNC access to your Mac.

First  you’ll need to go to your Mac’s System Preferences and turn on Sharing.

Enable Remote Management

A series of options will drop down – you don’t need to check any  of these options at this time. Just click “OK”.

Make sure to click on the “Computer Settings” button once you dismiss the above dialog box.  Also be sure to make note of your IP address listed.  You’ll need that later.

Once you click on the “Computer Settings” button, you’ll see a check box for “VNC viewers may control ….”.

Enable that checkbox, and be sure to set a password to make your connections a bit more secure.

Click “OK” after making the changes. We’re done on the Mac side. Now off to your Windows PC.

On your Windows PC, download and install TightVNC.  You can get it at TightVNC.com.

When you run the install, you can uncheck to install the “Server” portion. We won’t need it to connect to the Mac.

Once installed, run TightVNC and enter the IP address for the Mac you enabled remote management for above.

Enter the password you configured on your Mac and your in.

You may have to change the screen resolution of your Mac to get the best fit to your PCs screen.

You now have control of your Mac – you can do anything you would normally do as if you were sitting at the Mac.

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The Lesser Known Drag and Drop Trick

I’m one of those kinds of people that use a terminal or command prompt quite often. I find that I can get some things done more quickly with terminal tools that by opening an application.

Take for example ftp. Yes, I can open Cyberduck or FileZilla and do a transfer, but sometimes it is just quicker to open up your trusty terminal.

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Has Apple Done "TV" and Movies Right This Time?

apple Tv unit

On Tuesday, Steve Jobs of Apple announced a new version of the Apple TV. I have been a fan of the Apple TV since day one and purchase one almost immediately after it was announced.

The reason for my purchase and excitement was the fact that the Apple TV solved a major problem:

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