My name is Michael and I am a IT Manager for a manufacturing company based in Chandler AZ. Prior to my management career, I spent eleven years as a systems administrator at a Fortune 500 company. With over seventeen years of technology expertise, I have a wide range of computer knowledge—everything from basic hardware and software to networking, backup and recovery, storage solutions, web development, and programming languages. In 2003, I decided to move into management because I wanted to develop and grow the skills of the people around me. With the creation of “It Does Compute,” I hope to offer useful computer tips and explanations to inspire others to pursue computers and technology further.

Please email me with questions, topics, comments, etc… at mike {at} itdoescompute {dot} com. I would love to hear from you.

I have a lot of other things going on too. Check out http://hayslip.info.

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