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Best Buy to Partner with CinemaNow to Provide Streaming Media to Devices

Best Buy and Sonic Solutions have have announced a partnership to bring streaming media to devices sold by Best Buy.


Sonic’s popular service CinemaNow will be integrated into devices from Blue Ray players, television sets, video game consoles, PCs and other devices for on-demand media streaming.

CinemaNow currently offers digital rights managed content to some existing devices that can be purchased at retail stores, one of which is of course, Best Buy.

CinemaNow offers both renting and buying content similar to iTunes, the Sony PS3 and the Xbox. With Best Buy in the mix, CinemaNow’s device penetration could significantly grow.

Netflix offers a similar service with their set top boxes and integration into the Xbox gamine console. Netflix has also recently announced that their streaming service will be available on the PS3 too.

This move to partner might be confusing for people who already have streaming accounts on Netflix or perhaps even Blockbuster. Will they switch because they have now purchased an integrated device for on demand movies?

I’m glad to see that Best Buy believes that consumers want instant access to content. As a consumer, I’m excited to see these products come to market at low subscription prices (unlike the Apple TV).

Note: It has been rumored that Apple is in discussions with media companies to supply streaming media to consumers for a monthly subscription fee of $30 a month (

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