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Paranoid About Your Sensitive Files – This Utility May Help You Sleep At Night

Most of us have file on our computer that should not and are not for public consumption.  However, that bank account file, password file, confidential report, or sensitive exposé newspaper article that is for your eyes only, has to live somewhere.  How do you keep these file from being opened, read, or even visible to anybody?  Encrypting the data is one way, but that can be cumbersome and even confusing to some of us.

Easy File Locker (Windows Only)

Easy File Locker is a small utility that can help you protect your sensitive files. Easy File Locker allow you to select files or folders and decide what kind of permissions to set.  You can choose to allow read, write, delete, and even decide whether you want the file to appear in a file listing (meaning it won’t show up in explorer or by doing a directory listing using the DOS Command Prompt). You can even set a password to prevent users from opening the utility where you can view the files.

Easy File Locker is free and easy to install. Simply download from Easy File Locker and run through the install wizard.

easy file locker setup
Once installed, you need to run the application to open the interface and choose to start protecting files.
Add files or folders to protect by clicking on the “plus” signs in the toolbar.

easy file locker ready

easy file locker settings

Select the type of protection and click on the “OK” button.

easy file locker set password
Don’t forget to set a password before exiting the program. This give you an added level of protection by not allowing anybody to open and modify the permissions of the files you are protecting.

Once files are protected, users will get a permission denied message if they try to modify the file when they access levels are restricted.
A very nice feature of Easy File Locker is that it also stops access to file even when the computer is booted into safe mode.

easy file locker delete file via explorer

easy file locker delete file denied

Even files access from the Command Prompt is protected.

easy file locker dos denied

The system is not foolproof of course. You do have to remember to set a password, and if you forget it, then I’m not sure you have any options but to recreate the files from scratch (that is if you have not hidden them and can remember all of the file you tried to protect).  The same can be said for encryption tools like TrueCrypt, so don’t let that discourage you.

For those of us who have a few files that need to be kept from prying eyes, Easy File Locker is the perfect little utility.

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  1. That is excellent to protect the files on your computers if you are an administrator of a computer network and you don’t want users to mess with your files.


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