Bulk Image Resizing Tool Is Free and Super Easy to Use

JustResizeIt Can Batch Processes and Resize Your Images with Just a Drag and Drop

JustResizeIt is a free utility that makes image resizing really simple. This Adobe Air application will run on Mac, Windows, or Linux (so long as you have a GUI and can drag and drop with your mouse).

Once you download and install the application, you can easily batch processes a bunch of photos by dragging a group of them onto the little icons that corresponds to the size you need.


In this example I needed these photos to be at 640×480 so I dragged them to the properly 640×480 icon.


Once I release the mouse over the icon, JustResizeIt starts to process the files. You will see a progress indicator which tells you how many files have been processed so far.

When it has finished processing your files, you can simply drag the icon back to the same folder, to the desktop, or to a new folder where you want the resized files to appear (also try dragging them into the body of an email).


In this case, I chose to place the resized images back into the same folder the originals were in.

JustResizeIt automatically renames the files using the date and the size you chose and places them in the folder.


It’s that simple. No need to open a complicated photo editing program to resize images.


JustResizeIt also allows you to customize the current sizes and add new ones as well.  If you need to change any of the settings, you can simply open the expansion tab up and have the customize settings available for use.


If you need a quick and easy way to resize your images, download JustResizeIt and give it a test drive yourself.

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6 Responses to “Bulk Image Resizing Tool Is Free and Super Easy to Use”

  1. Hi

    Is it better then Image Resizer Powertoy?

  2. Camisetas says:

    Thanks for those tips. Not complicated, very easy to use, free, reduces the big files to a very small sizes, doesn’t screw up the image quality…that’s what i like!

  3. Susan says:

    That looks like a good program and I am going to try it. I might even add it to my other reviews.

    So far, the two programs I like the best for re-sizing are Web Resizer and Adobe Photoshop Elements. The reason they are my favorites is because not only can you re-size the image size quickly, but you can also reduce the file size. This helps for quick loading of photos. Also, Forums sometimes have file size limits. You can easily change your photo’s file size so that it abides by the rules.

  4. Ornamente says:

    Yeah, it’s the best Image Resizer. It’s so easy to use and keeps the image quality very high.

  5. Susan says:

    I tried it out. It’s very easy to use…I liked it a lot. The only thing it’s missing is the ability to see or change the file size.

  6. very good tools and tip
    thanks dude


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