How To Do A Free Online Virus Scan

Use Free Tools Provided by Anti-virus Companies

Do you think your computer might have been compromised? No anti-virus, no problem. You can do an online virus, spyware, and malware scan using some free tools on the web.

Housecall – Mac, PC and Linux

housecall online virus scanner

Housecall from Trend Micro will do an online scan of your computer. Tell you what it found and makes recommendations for keeping your info private, like removing cookies and temporary Internet files. Housecall is also capable of spyware and malware detection and removal.

Kapersky Online Scanner – PC and Linux

kapersky online virus scanner

Kapersky’s scanner also scans for malware and spyware. Seems to be a bit slow as it needs to download about 52MB virus definition files before it actually starts the scan.

BitDefender Online Scanner – PC only and must use Internet Explorer


Bitdefender also detects spyware and malware on your computer.

All of the above do not prevent viruses, spyware, or malware from infecting your computer. They are tools used to detect and clean an infected machine.

Recommend running a full scan from different anti-virus companies just to be safe. Instead of buying a product, this online solution fits well.

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18 Responses to “How To Do A Free Online Virus Scan”

  1. It´s a shame that everything is going online these days.. I am finding myself going to the shops less and less!! It´s good that the ant-virus software is available online though – maybe this means that more people will use it and protect their data. I use AVG myself, which is perfect for what I need it for. Housecall looks pretty good.. maybe I´ll try it out once the new version of mine needs downloaded

  2. The only bad thing about not having a virus scanner installed is that you have no protection before they get installed. I like these online virus scanners, i use them when i’m away from my pc or when my own scanner gets a virus (happens from time to time..).

  3. apu says:

    Great list. Thank you. Although, I feel its always better to have an antivrius software installed on your system and keeping it updated regularly. These online tools although handy in some situations can not be relied upon always.

  4. @apu
    You have a valid point. These tools don’t prevent infections, but can only help you clean an already infected machine. An up-to-date anti-virus locally installed anti-virus program is recommended.

  5. They are also useful when a friend’s pc gets infected and calls you for help because it doesn’t work anymore (always fun :] ).

    When the online scan is done you install a new antivirus. Installing one in an infected machine is not such a good idea, it can get infected in the process and not work as well as with a clean pc.

  6. Maxim says:

    good review
    here is additional online antiviruses:,, – they also may be very usefull. Online antivirus – it is greate thing! Every time, you need it, you always have several good antiviruses with actual updates. But there is also some negative parties too. First of all, if you using online antivirus you haven’t real-time protection at all, and, second – for using online antivirus you need good, fast connection to internet.

  7. @Maxim,

    Thanks for the additional links. I agree, that real time protection is crucial (something you can’t get from doing an online scan).

  8. Thanks for the additional links! I didn’t know about Eset, will try it to see how it compares to the other scanners I have been using (a friend just crashed her computer, damn smiley downloads :P)

    Btw I have been coming regularly for about a month now but haven’t seen that many updates. Keep posting, you have a good informative site :]

  9. AussieSheila says:

    Thanks for the list. I usually use Panda and Kaspersky online scanners. Though there is nothing like an anti-virus with real-time protection and those online scanners can be used as an addition to that. There are a lot of great free ones like Avira and avast (personally I prefer Avira).

  10. I really found Kaspersky and Bitdefender good tools, but they are not enough to give full protection.
    the performance of Viruses and spyware removal tools in the same range from all companies.

  11. In response to Marisha Adams: on the contrary, I find it a great thing that almost everything can be done online these days! Of course it’s going to take a little bit more work, imagination and innovation on our parts, but it’s all about ease for the consumer. Anything that makes their lives easier, we support! =)

  12. ronit says:

    Online scanner usually takes alot of time ..
    i like kaspersky . kaspersky is the best….

  13. Good list of online scanners. Onec you find a virus though, you need to make the correct decesion in cleaning it off as these online scanners cannot, or atleast can’t do it well if they start offering it. Also be careful of what online ‘virus protection’ you use, as there are pleanty of fakes out there, this list is good though.

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  14. Free virus scans are great, but just get Adaware, MalwareBytes or AVG and have a solid program running to avoid the virus if all possible.

  15. co-sign for AVG..haven’t had a virus in years

  16. Heck yes, Kaspersky is my favorite antivirus. It found things that couldn’t be found by Norton or AVG 😀

  17. Kaspersky is the best, but free i recommend avast or avira


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