Greeting Card Virus

A computer virus has been circulating as a “Greeting Card” email message. The message title contains the words “Greeting Card”, “E-Greeting”, “Christmas Card”, “Online Greeting”, “Greeting for you” or some variance thereof. When the link is followed to view the greeting card, the computer then becomes infected with a virus or trojan (see below for more about what this is) by running ecard.exe.

Please don’t click on any links one of these emails.  Especially if you do not know the person that supposedly sent you the greeting card.  Once again, if you receive an email that meets the above criteria, please delete it.


As a matter of principle, I don’t believe in sending E-Cards as they (the companies that provide the e-greeting service) can be used to collect and sell “valid” email addresses to other companies.  Please take a look at my 9 Tips to Less Spam post for more info on how to avoid getting spam like this.

Cleanup Info

Symantec has some info on how to cleanup the trojan.  Basically disable system restore, update your virus definitions, do a full virus scan, and cleanup the registry.

Trojan Info

A trojan is a malicious program that collects information about your Internet activity and send that info to other websites where the information is collected.  Some are very sneaky and collect keystrokes, password and bank login information.  Bottom line is, don’t get a trojan.

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4 Responses to “Greeting Card Virus”

  1. My approach to fighting spam is as follows.
    I have TWO email accounts for communication with friends and relatives. Account 1 is used for receiving emails. I never share that address with anyone, except a bunch of few close people. Account Nr. 2 is used for sending emails. that is, if I get email to Acc. 1, I reply to it from Acc. 2. It allows me to keep spam down. Long time ago I noriced that accounts which work both for receiving and sending email are less spam-protected.
    As to attachments, it’s simple. I never, ever open anything but .txt or Word. Messages with attached trojan virus are easy to spot – they usually start with universal greeting (hi, it’s me, here’s a photo of me) or something like that.

  2. please never share your e-mail address to anybody to whom you didnt know and make sure to have an reliable anti-virus software and please dont attach any suspected files

  3. I usually get lot of spam on google gmail.But virus is a serious problem.Be safe with spams.I prefer yahoo to open mail and not on outlook.if there is any virus yahoo notifies me…

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