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Easily Share Photos With Anyone

Do you have a photo or two or you want to share with a friend or family member? The simplest way I’ve found so far is to use Picmatic. Picamatic doesn’t require you to login or register an account to add or access photos.


Picmatic is a web based interface that allows you to upload a picture in one click. Simply pick a square on the Picamatic web page and choose the file to upload. Keep uploading until you’re done.

Once you have uploaded a file, you’ll see a clickable “Links” item. This will reveal the various links you can use to share the photo. Links for Forums, Blogs, Chats, and the direct URL (your file size is below 300Kb) to the photo are visible.



Picamatic also lets you send the URL of your Picamatic photos to yourself in email. Click the “Save these images” link and enter your email address. Check your spam folders if you can’t find the email. It’s a good idea to add picamatic.com to your spam filter to ensure delivery. The next time you want to access the files you can access them anytime by click on the link in your email. You can also bookmark the link for easy access to the files anytime.


Picamatic says there are no size limits or limits to the number of photos you can upload. So far, Picamatic has not indicated any intent to delete your files after a certain period of time. So you could potentially store files for as long as you want.

Head over to Picamatic and try it out for yourself.

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One Response to “Picamatic – Photo Sharing As Simple As Possible”

  1. That´s a really good idea. Most of my family don´t have facebook or bebo, so it´s really good that there is some other way of them seeing my photos when I´m away from home.. it means they can keep up with what I´m doing. The fact that there are no size limits is excellent.. means I can upload all the pictures from my new camera!



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