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Use A Master Password The Right Way

Use SuperGenPass to Safely Use A Master Password

Password management can be a pain and there a few things we should not be doing to keep our information safe.  For one, you should not be using the same password for every site.  If someone sees or gets your password on one of those sites you could be compromising all of your online accounts.  But, having to remember a different password for each site is not easy and you’ll most likely need to keep a document or file around to record all your passwords.


A great tool called SuperGenPass can make your password management a bit easier.  SuperGenPass does not require you to install any software on your computer.  It is a simple bookmarklet that you drag into your browser’s bookmark toolbar.  You can put it on as many browsers as you like and on multiple computers.

How Does SuperGenPass Work?

supergenpass_window SuperGenPass works on the simple principle of “master password” + “mathematical equation” = “new secure password”.  Most of us can think of a “master password” we would like to use.  A password we know we will remember.  SuperGenPass lets you use that password to generate a random secure password for every site you log on to – yet have every site’s password be different.  So your password for and your password for are completely different but were generated by the same “master password”.  All you have to do is click on the bookmarklet from your browser and it does the rest.  It even puts the generated password in the password field so you don’t have to cut and paste.  And since you can install the bookmarklet on any computer and any browser, you can access your account info from anywhere.

SuperGenPass doesn’t store any of your information or passwords.  Even your “master password” is not kept online or stored.

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One Response to “Use A Master Password The Right Way”

  1. Matt Selbie says:

    Nice post that highlights the growing need for usable products on the internet including password managers. Longer password strings are not the solution and don’t seem to have evolved at the same rate other technologies have. The solution proposed is interesting, but there are also alternatives that should be considered.
    We know from lots of research that people prefer pictures to words and from our own research at Vidoop, that by far the majority of US adults on-line are very frustrated with remembering and organizing passwords. So we developed a visual login that eliminates passwords and yet is effective against the prevalent forms of hacking. Unlike other products that charge, its free, usable, secure and works on multiple computers. It remembers the passwords that the average user can’t, and fills in your forms so you dont have to.
    Check out the frisbee catching tortoise video at


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