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Easy To Use, Lightweight Software For The Color Blind

Download Color Blind Software Tool eyePilot

Do you or someone you know have trouble using a computer because of the difficulty in distinguishing between different colors?

Scientists are not sure, but it is believed that anywhere between 8% – 12% of the population is color blind. Computer programs use lots of colors to represent different panels, boxes, menus, and data which can make use of a computer difficult for the color blind. Pie and bar charts are especially tricky because their legends often use multiple colors to illustrate change and ranges.

Software tools exist to help make using a computer for color blind individuals easier and stress free.

Take for example eyePilot. eyePilot provides a lightweight and easy to use interface to help you distinguish colors. eyePilot also works for both Mac and Windows.

Think of the eyePilot application as a square box that you can drag over any part of your screen. Size the eyePilot window to your liking and use the drop down menu to tell eyePilot what action you want to perform.


eyePilot interface

The four options you can choose with eyePilot are:


Isolates the color you click on by turning all other colors gray. Useful for pie or bar charts.



Works almost the opposite of GRAY. Clicking on a color will turn it black for as long as you keep the button clicked.


The NAME feature will display a row of color names. By clicking on one of the names, you will isolate that color. For example, clicking on the word “Red” will turn anything in the eyePilot window “red” to go “black” until you depress the mouse button.



Sometimes you can change the colors of a chart or object slightly and be able to distinguish the colors on your own. The HUE feature allows you to dial the hue to a value of your liking. All the colors within the eyePilot windows will start to change at the same time.


eyePilot is only $34 and has a free 30 trial version available for download.

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