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Google Announces a New Web Browser – Chrome

Google officially announced the release of a their new web browser on Monday, 9/1.  The new browser – which Google is calling Chrome utilizes the Webkit technology, the same open source technology used by Apple’s Safari browser.

The new browser is in beta and is available for download from Google at  Sorry Linux and OS X- Windows only right now.

First Impressions of Chrome

  • Installation was easy, and only took a few moments before I was browsing with Chrome.  Chrome is fast. The application loads much faster than either IE or Firefox.  Fast enough to make a noticeable difference.  Web pages load faster too.
  • The application shortcuts are nice.  Lets you create an icon for your Start Menu or Desktop that will launch a website without the menu, tabs, or bookmark toolbar in your way.
  • Seems to need support for Java Applets.  No plugin was found, and no link to go get the plugin is provided.
  • No support (for now) of Delicious bookmarks (or other extensions).  You can drag a “Bookmark this on Delicious” or a “My Delicious” bookmarklet which can get you to Delicious quickly, but is still not as nice as having the Firefox extension.
  • Importing of bookmarks and password data from Firefox is a nice feature.

It will be interesting to see if the developer community will begin to embrace this new browser and develop some useful gears, etc… to add functionality.  If you are a Firefox extension lover, then Chrome is probably not going to serve you well right now.  If you can live without the extensions then give Chrome try and enjoy the speed boost.

More on the Google Chrome can be found on the Features page at

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7 Responses to “Google Announces a New Web Browser – Chrome”

  1. windyridge says:

    Fast is important to me and Firefox is still pretty clunky, however I need my delicious so I will wait and hope they continue with development.

  2. Advenlo says:

    It will take some doing to beat Firefox in my book, although this is one step in the right direction

  3. Dino says:

    Hmmmm , I think I’ll wait a little while so that it’s extensions will become more complete. Also I’m a little apprehensive with it’s possible bugs and security issues.

    But hopefully after a little more time Chrome will be more complete and bug-free so I’ll stick to Firefox a little while longer.

  4. It’s rather doubtful that Google Chrome complies with all the specification of W3C. In some cases this browser displays pages like Firefox, in other like Internet Explorer. I think the integration of the sites with this browser will cause additional troubles among the web developers.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Google chrome, with all the new plug-ins i have been a big fan of firefox lately. I wonder what will be in store for google chrome when google attempts to create its own operated system later this year.

  6. Christer says:

    I have been waiting for Google’s web browser’s extensions for forever. At this point I’ve played with 7 of them and am awed with it. Mozilla Firefox has started to had a slow reaction time and the plugins are necessary.


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