Take the Hassle Out of Getting Your Documents Signed

If you have to sign documents or have others sign documents you create, then the folks over at EchoSign have the service for you.

echosign_logoEchoSign take the hassle out of document signatures. If you own a small business, create contracts or binding agreements, then EchoSign can save you tons of time and effort. The services is super-easy to use and signup only takes a couple of minutes.

echosign_tabs So by now you get that EchoSign can help you manage your document signatures, but how does it work. Say you have created an agreement between you and a client that you need to have the client sign. The first step is to signup for an account. You can try the service for free with up to 5 document signatures per month. Once you have an account you simply need to login and click the “Send” tab.

echoSignSendForm You’ll see a form that is pretty self-explanatory. Just enter the name of the recipient or recipients (you can have multiple people sign the same document) and upload a document for signature. That is as complicated as it needs to be. The recipients each get an email directing them to the EchoSign web site where they can review the document then choose to sign it (their is no signup required to be able to sign a document) by typing their name and initials.

Once all parties have signed, a final .pdf version of the document is emailed to all the parties with all the signatures visible at the bottom of the document.

EchoSign’s management of documents has some nice features as well. You can review the documents you have signed or sent for signature, check on which ones have not yet been signed, are waiting for your signature, or view any archived documents. You can share the documents, send reminders to people to sign, and view all your history too.

Another very nice feature is the ability for EchoSign to accept documents via fax. This is perfect if you don’t have a digital version of the document. Send it via fax to EchoSign and they will convert it to .pdf for you.

Check out EchoSign the next time you have a document that needs signing. I’m sure you will find it a very useful tool.

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4 Responses to “Take the Hassle Out of Getting Your Documents Signed”

  1. interesting post, thanks 🙂

  2. Hi folks. Here is an interesting article on the EchoSign blog about their product being featured on the TV show 24. Check it out.

  3. Movers says:

    Wow this is really useful. I just hope its fully secure.


  1. Take the Hassle Out of Getting Your Documents Signed…

    How to easily get document signed via a web. This service from EchoSign couldn’t be simpler to use and the recipients don’t even need an account to sign documents….

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