Stikkit – These Notes Think for Themselves

stikkit- home In my search to become more productive I have come across a web site that offers a free service to help keep me organized. lets you create Stikkits (like little post-it notes) that think.

Each Stikkit you create is watching for certain key words. If it finds them in the data you are typing, it can process your Stikkit accordingly. Stikkits are pretty smart about todos, contacts (which they call peeps), events, and even bookmarks. Stikkits also have support for tags, importing/exporting of calendar entries, emailing to create/change a Stikkit, and even RSS feeds.

The beauty of Stikkits are their “thinking” capabilities. If you create a Stikkit with a proper name, it will automatically create a Peep Stikkit. For example; say I enter:

Meeting with Mary Janus on wed at 10:30 AM

From this line of text, I have now created a calendar event for Wed and a new Peep (Mary Janus). I can now browse to my Stikkit home page and see the meeting in the “Coming Up” section. I can also browse to the calendar and see the same entry there too. If I browse to my Peeps section, I can now see a Mary Janus has been added as a Peep. All by simply typing a few words.

Here is where some of the cool stuff happens. So the meeting is schedule, but I would like to remind myself to call her the day before. I create a new Stikkit with the following text:

Call Mary Janus on her mobile: 444.555.4444

on tues

remind me

Now if I have done this correctly, I will have added an entry for a todo on Tues. and what’s cool is that now I have also added a phone # for Mary Janus on her Peep Stikkit. Did you also notice the “remind me” text? will also remind me about the call via SMS or Email or both.

stikkit--Calll_Mary_Janus Here is the example Stikkit I created. Notice “Mary Janus” as a related Stikkit. If I click on the “Mary Janus” link, I’ll get to look at her Peep Stikkit and all related Stikkits too.

This is just but a sample of what Stikkit can do. Sign up for a free account and try it out for yourself.

Some other cool features include:

  • Emailing to a private address to create and modify Stikkits
  • Getting your Stikkits as RSS feeds
  • Creating Stikkits via SMS
  • Entering any URL creates a Stikkit bookmark
  • Stikkit bookmark button for your browser
  • An API for developers with a very active forum
  • Ability to share your Stikkits with other members

Give the service a try and let me know what you think of it.

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3 Responses to “Stikkit – These Notes Think for Themselves”

  1. Don says:

    This sounds interesting; I will check it out now!



  1. Stikkit – These Notes Think For Themselves… offers you a way to become more productive by having your Stikkits (kinda like post-it notes) think for themselves. Stikkits pick up on keywords to help you organize your thoughts and notes….

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