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Cell Phone Woes? Get All The Facts Before Buying

Best Cell Phone Research Sites

How many times have you seen a new cell phone ad on TV or on the Internet and wondered if that phone was right for you? Many folks have asked me where to find good info on cell phones, phone plans, and even providers. Here are three good review sites to help you choose the right phone.
My favorite site for cell phone reviews. They abide by a strict code of ethics to ensure that all reviews are unbiased. Don’t forget to check out their Help Me Pick a Plan page too.

CNET Cell Phone Reviews
Good source for editorial reviews, plus user reviews and forums.
Nicely organized “In-Depth” reviews of the more popular phones (some with video). Also provides user reviews and forums.

What sites do your trust for cell phone reviews?

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13 Responses to “Cell Phone Woes? Get All The Facts Before Buying”

  1. Gizmo says:

    I bookmarked this site in Delicious, good article, thanks!

  2. Hey! you have provided a useful information which will be definitely useful for the cell phone buyers and also provided some review sites, naturally contains some instructions while purchasing a new cell phone. To review all the latest phones, to give you the most up to date, compressive coverage, just go to the above given site.

  3. I think cnet is the best but I also found this one, it’s not mine, I just found it helpfull.

  4. Definitely useful for the cell phone buyers and also provided some review sites, naturally contains some instructions while purchasing a new cell phone.

  5. butter says:

    we all need latest trend and info in this continuous changing world of mobiles so need a better study

  6. I use testfreaks for celphone and gadgets reviews.

  7. Great find @Blogging Blogger. For those interested in cell phones specifically, you can head directly to .

  8. Yes, I have always found phone review sites to be very useful before deciding to buy a phone. These days there are so many on the market, It is staggering work to do without proper research.

  9. Daniel Lew says:

    Does anyone buy a phone and few weeks later regret, and want to sell and buy a new one? It’s impossible to keep up with all the phone fashion of what’s in and what’s not.

  10. I have to take exception to the article’s ‘Buying from a carrier provides more peace of mind since “You have direct access to customer service and a better guarantee on the equipment if something goes wrong. You can easily walk into a carrier’s retail store or call customer service for help from a human being.”

    If you’ve ever shopped in a Verizon Wireless store in New York City, for a new phone/plan or simple maintenance , its liked being treated to the worst customer service imagineable. Every small step of the sign-up process seems to take forever, you have to continually sign more and more forms, they try to stick you with costly accessories you don’t need, and the whole proces makes you hate the carrier and their retails stores. I will only buy online from no on and take my chances.

  11. Im always checking @ CNET cellphone reviews to be updated on the latest news. Also there forum is really nice to get info and support with your phone.

  12. Stacy says:

    Phonescoop is probably the best cell phone review site you can go to and learn what is out on the market. Great post!


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