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U Comment I Follow

U Comment I Follow

I have turned off the nofollow rule on all comments so I can give back some link love. So if you decide to comment, and I hope you do, Google will follow the link back to your site.

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21 Responses to “U Comment I Follow”

  1. don Williams says:

    First time I ever heard of this, thanks.

  2. Ben says:

    Its all about Google Link love.

  3. Koka Sexton says:

    Is this a setting in WP? This makes a lot of sense and is a great idea.

  4. @All,

    For those interested in how you can turn off the “nofollow” rule, here is what I did.
    I downloaded and activated the “Do Follow” WordPress plugin from: .
    That is all you have to to do to make sure you follow comments. I also decided to download a “U Comment I Follow” logo created by Randa Clay. They are free to use and can be found at her site:

  5. Sheesh Kebab says:

    Holy cow! sweet ! I’m turning off the no follow right now! 😀

  6. Good to know that your blog too belong to the You Comment I follow family as of mine

    A sure way to increase your readers

  7. murad12s says:

    Hey thats great you have made it a do follow blog 🙂
    But my question is always do u get quality comments ??
    By this, will your pagerank increase ??? And if i comment these types of blog, then will my blog pagerank ang technorati rank will increase ??
    Hope you will answer my question . Because I’m thinking to turn my blog into a do-follow blog .

  8. estetik says:

    This is great news. I congragulate you to open the door for dofollow which will in fact promote your traffic to write comments giving a backlink to us. Thanks a lot.

  9. Otogaz says:

    Good to know that your blog too belong to the You Comment I follow family as of mine

  10. Pretty good article. I like it, keep it up.

  11. George Jr says:

    I think that this is one of the best way to motivate users to comment, the bad of this is that u can´t know when a comment is a good one or not.

  12. Don says:

    I forgot all about this post, but it is a good one.

  13. Network Bay says:

    Hurray for another follower of the doFollow movement!

  14. Dale Rose says:

    One thing I’m confused about. I’m putting together my new blog and I don’t quite understand something about the U comment/I follow plugin. If you use that, can you still moderate the commenets before they get posted? It seems like if you couldn’t, then you would get slammed with spam.

  15. @Dale,

    You absolutely can moderate the comments before they appear on your site. You definitely want to turn on your spam filtering software or plug-in regardless of whether you “do follow” or not.

  16. I think have a do follow blog greatly adds to user commentary, thus making the blog seem “alive”. I’m glad to see that other bloggers are beginning to join the revolution.

  17. Nick says:

    I can’t seem to get the doFollow Plugin to work!

  18. japones says:

    hi! where do i get one of those logos for i follow?

  19. @Nick,
    The forums have quite a bit of good info on the dofollow plugin. Check out.

    Grab a logo at

  20. Charles says:

    I am seeing the U Comment I follow logo’s everywhere nowadays. So the no follow tag on the comments was supposed to prevent spam? Well we see how well that worked out.. Thank Gawd for Askimet, it has saved my bacon.

    Now I am off to install the dofollow plugin to my site.. Thanks for the info concerning the dofollow movement.

  21. I’ve created a dofollow website that searches only dofollow websites. This makes it a little easier for people to find them and this site has been included in the search.


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