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Sharing Files Using the Web

We all have files we like to share. Most of us use email to get files back and forth to our friends and family. Email works most of the time, but can become a problem when files get too big to send through our ISPs, or our friend or family members mail box is full.

One way to solve this problem is to share files over the web. Upload files to a website, tell your friends the URL and have them browse to that page to download your files.

Both of the sites mentioned below do not require any registration or email address to be entered in order to use their services. There are some added “administrative” benefits for creating an account, but you can decide whether it is something you want to do once you visit the site.
Check out CSSJuice for info and a review and list of features for A couple of things not mentioned were the ability to upload media files and have them converted automatically to stream from the site, and that your initial storage space for all files is 100MB (but soon you will be able to purchase upgrades for more space and features).

Pros: Good site design, set your own URL drop name, no ads
Cons: Only 100MB of storage


  • Unlimited number of files can be uploaded, downloaded, or stored – you are limited to only files of size 100MB or smaller.
  • Ability to password-protect files.
  • Send the URL to the files via email with address book integration from AOL, Yahoo, Plaxo, and Gmail.
  • There is a MediaFire Facebook application available.
  • Multiple ways to organize and browse your uploaded files.

Pros: unlimited storage, can use tags
Cons: site design is a bit cluttered, ads are displayed

There are other sites and options available for sending large files, but these two sites perform the task very well and can meet the needs for most everyone.

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